Is this game free to play?
Yes, the game is completely free and you can play it on our blog online.

What is the unblocked version?
Generally speaking, the unblocked version of the game means that it can be played anywhere. A lot of gaming sites are usually blocked in various places, unblocked version allows you to avoid this restriction and enjoy your favorite game from any location.

What category is this game related to?
Basketball Legends is related to the sports games category.

Does this game has a single-player?
Yes, you can play it single-player mode against AI and win tournaments.

Can I play it in a two-player mode with my friend?
Sure, one of the best things about this game is that it can offer you a multiplayer option. Games are always a lot more entertaining when you play them with your friends.

Is this game fast-paced?
Basketball Legends is filled with action and thrill and can offer pure adrenaline and entertainment. The game even has a separated mode called ‘Quick Match’.

Which modes are there usually?
There are various game modes depending or whether you have selected single-player mode or two-player mode.
List of game modes includes: tournament, random match, training, 1 vs 1 mode, 2 vs 2 mode and two human players vs two AI/PC players.

Are there any achievements in the game?
Apart from awesome gameplay, apart from thrilling matches, apart of various modes game can also offer you an amazing achievement system. You can complete different challenges and earn rare achievements. A list of achievements can be seen on this page. In order to check your current achievements visit the main game menu window and press icon which is located at the top right side of the game window (next to music icon).

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