This is one of the best game when it comes to various options, various features, and possibilities. Game is full of action based moves, full of thrill and fun, to make it even more entertaining and interesting for gamers developers have decided to add more challenges in it. A list of challenges is available in the game menu, in order to check this list visit the main menu and click icon which is located next to music shortcut .

Achievements are pretty creative and fun, they require good gaming skills and a lot of effort. In the end, if you will manage to unlock some rare achievement you can boast about it with your friends 😉

By the way, one of the hardest challenges in the game is to win 2 vs 2 matches in hard mode, you can call your friends and you can try to do this achievement together, it is going to be fun trust me.

With that being said start your match right now, complete challenges, win tournaments and become champion of Basketball Legends!